India has outperformed Australia as the top Test Eleven

 India has outperformed Australia as the top Test eleven:

India have been delegated the new No.1 Eleven in ICC Men's Test Rankings, with Rohit Sharma's side jumping Australia in the yearly rankings update


India finished Australia's 15-month rule as the No. 1 Test group in front of the World Test Title last in June between the different sides. The yearly update of the authority rankings dropped the outcomes from the 2019-20 season and mirrors all series finished since May 2020.


That implied India's 0-2 misfortune in New Zealand in 2019-20 was as of now not in thought, taking Rohit Sharma's group to the first spot on the list with 121 places. Australia dropped to 116 focuses after wins against Pakistan and New Zealand in 2019-20 were forgotten about and their 4-0 Cinders triumph against Britain had its weighting split in the yearly activity.


Prior to the World Test Championship (WTC) final between the two teams in June, India interrupted Australia's 15-month run as the top test team on Tuesday.


The results from the 2019–20 season have been removed from the official rankings, which now only include series that have been completed after May



Australia's rule at the highest point of the Men's Test Rankings reaches a conclusion following 15 months with India venturing out in front of the following month's ICC World Test Title Last.


India stepping through on Australia in Exam cricket has in no time become perhaps of the most thrilling contention in late history and the rankings inversion sets up the World Test Title Last impeccably, with the different sides set to compose one more section at Extreme Test on 7 June at The Oval.


The yearly rankings consider all series finished since May 2020, with series finished before May 2022 weighted at 50% and all ensuing series weighted at 100%.


On June 7 at the Oval, India and Australia square off in the WTC championship game.

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