CSK tops the standings!

 To CSK: Game, set, and match

The final combatant is Rinku Singh. His 30-ball half-century and Roy's were the high points of an underwhelming batting performance. In the end, KKR paid the price for giving up too many goals. Even with reasonable estimations, they might have only wanted to chase 210 here. 235 was a step too far in the face of the persistent aggression from CSK.


Russell was killed by Pathirana's low-arm slings. Undoubtedly, that is CSK's game. Rinku attempted to bowl a yorker earlier in the over, drilling him through the covers, but he missed his lengths. He throws a slower ball that is outside Russell's hitting zone, but he still goes for it and gets caught.

As everyone gathers to celebrate the wicket, Dhoni pulls Pathirana aside, wraps his arm around him, and compliments him on his work. What more could a child ask of his captain? Pathirana fired Roy, while Theekshana fired Russell. This season, the Sri Lankan team is executing the difficult work rather admirably for CSK.


Theekshana exacts retribution

Despite taking a six and a four, keeps his cool to hit a full, straight shot as the ball slips beneath Jason Roy's bat and smashes the stumps. for a 26-ball 61, gone. Dhoni took pleasure in it, but he rarely exhibits frantic fist-pumping. As Russell enters the game, CSK is winning.


CSK effort fails on both ends

Rinku Singh comes in after Jason Roy almost chips one back to Jadeja, who underarms a flick onto the stumps at the bowler's end. Since Rinku is unaware of the potential overthrow, he sends Roy back when he spots a window of opportunity. The throw is received by Dhoni, who must extend to break the stumps at the striker's end by the time Roy has already made the catch with a dive of his own. So much for hitting a single in a game where sixes are the norm.

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